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CASA of Central Texas is currently seeking to fill the following position:

Casework Supervisor

See below for description of position.
No phone calls please.
Submit resume ralvarado@casacentex.org

Summary of Responsibility:
 Supervision of volunteer child advocates
 Maintain child advocate records – participates in case staffings, assists placement
options, participates in program evaluation, attends court hearings and provides
supervision in filing court reports
 Coordinate child and child advocate contacts – coordinates all professional contacts;
provides information regarding community resources, attends and moderates
training sessions for child advocates
 Maintains statistical case information

Essential Job Functions and Standards:

A. Case Management
1. Knowledge of child placement options, levels of care and Department
Family and Protective Services (DFPS) policies and procedures.
2. Ability to clearly convey and interpret information to others in a clear
manner, both orally and in writing.
3. Ability to work under time constraints and maintain effective job
4. Ability to identify problems in both case management and volunteer
coordination and plan corrective action.
5. Ability to make decisions independently in a consistent and timely manner.
6. Carries a caseload of no fewer than 25-30 cases as assigned by a district
7. Coordinates casework responsibilities including family and child contacts,
professional contacts, transportation, support services, linkage to
community resources, court report monitoring, appearances at hearings
and maintenance of case and child advocate volunteer files.
8. Attend court hearings and staffing’s with child advocate.
9. Provides notification of meetings and court hearings to child advocates.
10. Provides timely, accurate reports for submission to the court and to other
involved parties.
11. Maintains up-to-date case files, including progress notes, reports and
motions, correspondence, etc.
12. Maintains case and child advocate statistics for funding and statistical
13. Maintains and fosters congenial relationships with other professionals.
14. Evaluates child advocate case activity and performance.

B. Miscellaneous
1. Participates in new child advocate training sessions.
2. Participates in ongoing continuing education opportunities (in-services).
3. Attends community meetings as agreed upon by Program Director and
Executive Director.
4. Assists in program development.
5. Provides input for monthly newsletter.
6. Maintains a professional, organized environment in the daily operation of
the CASA office.
7. Completes special projects and tasks as assigned.
8. Has working knowledge of computers and software.
9. Anything else the Executive Director deems necessary


One third of our staff were volunteers before they were hired on full-time, so you may consider volunteering with our program first. Learn more about becoming a volunteer here.