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CASA Chat – Gabe, Jazmine and Sara

Former foster youth Gabe and Jazmine talk about navigating the foster care system with a CASA volunteer.


CASA Chat – Frequently Asked Questions Answered by a CASA Volunteer

CASA Volunteer Kristi Perkins answers questions like, What is the training like, What is the time commitment, Do you feel like you are making a difference, and more.


CASA Chat – Training

In this episode of CASA Chat, we talk with Training Coordinator Brandi and CASA Volunteer Lisa, who recently completed training. Both talk about what to expect to get out of our 42-hour training curriculum and how it prepares you to advocate for a child in the court system.


CASA Chat -What do Judges Think About CASA?

When are CASA Volunteers appointed? What information does the Judge want from CASA Volunteers? Do the Judges really listen to what CASA Volunteers say? We sit down with Child Protection Court of Central Texas Judge Melissa McClenahan and hear how she feels about CASA Volunteers in her courtroom.


CASA Chat – Casework Supervisors

CASA Volunteers are never alone. In this episode of CASA Chat, we talk with CASA Volunteer Ralph and his Casework Supervisor Rob. They discuss their partnership and how they work together to bring the best advocacy possible to the children on their case.


CASA Chat – Placement

CASA Volunteers don’t just get to know the child, they get to know the adults in the child’s life. In this episode of CASA Chat, hear why communication with a youth’s placement is an important part of a CASA Volunteer’s role.

CASA Chat – Supporting CASA With Your Business

Whit and Sara Ehrich of Hill Country Tech Guys talk about why they choose to support CASA through their business.


CASA Chat – The Rosenbaums

Deidra and Charles Rosenbaum sit down and talk to us about being CASA of Central Texas Volunteers.