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Earl and Sue Dittman accepted their first case in 2011 and completed their fourth case in 2022. Together they served their fourth case for a little over 6 years! Earl and Sue were extremely dedicated to the children they served on each of their cases. They drove many miles over the years to visit children as placements changed.  Not only did they attend every case related meeting they also would attend extra-curricular activities, graduations, birthday parties, etc. so the children would feel supported in their efforts and accomplishments. Earl and Sue eagerly took the cases offered to them and worked them diligently, always keeping the children’s best interest at the forefront.  Some of the children/young adults Earl and Sue have served have continued to keep in touch with them and are eager to share their accomplishments with this couple that genuinely cared for their well-being throughout the time they were in the foster care system.

Earl and Sue have hearts to serve others and have done so without expecting recognition or praise in many areas of their lives. Earl and Sue have a large family that is one of their greatest treasures. Since finishing their first case last year, they have  moved out of the area to be closer to some of their family. They will be greatly missed by our CASA of Central Texas family, but their commitment, care, and dedication to children and families will be an example for many in the years to come.


Melissa (CASA), Joyce (Grandma’s Stocking Guild), and Tiffany (CASA)

This past Christmas, over 100 (106 to be exact) Central Texas children in foster care received a special gift–a handmade, personalized stocking. Grandma’s Stocking Guild, the organization that hand makes these beautiful creations, has provided stockings for the children on our cases for many years.

Grandma’s Stocking Guild was formed in 2009, and became a 501(c)(3) organization in 2014. They not only make stockings for CASA, but for many other community organizations, with well over 1,000 stockings made last year. Each stocking is unique and has the child’s name embroidered on it, making it a treasured gift that is theirs forever.

Learn more about this amazing organization here https://www.grandmasstockingguild.org/





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