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A dozen of our amazing advocates, advisory board members, and staff attended Texas CASA’s Legislative Advocacy training held at Child Advocates San Antonio. Thank you to the Texas CASA Public Policy team for providing a dynamic and superbly informative training on legislative priorities for the upcoming session.

These members of CASA of Central Texas’s Legislative Advocacy Team received a deep dive on legislative priorities, such as policies that preserve families (including prevention and early intervention services), promote family reunification when possible, and minimize the time children spend in foster care. For the 2021 fiscal year, 43% of children statewide were returned home. For the children that CASA of Central Texas served in that same time period, 45% were reunited with their parents.

Another area of focus at the training was funding and policies that support the development of more and better-equipped placements. The children we serve deserve a safe and stable placement the entire time that they are in care, as well as placements that meet their individual needs (such as trauma-informed and mental health services) and assist them in achieving their permanency goals. Funding and policies that support placement with relative caregivers will be an important area of legislative advocacy. When children are able to be placed with a relative, they are more likely to stay within their community, as well as being less likely to experience multiple placement changes.

Our advocates go through training and work hard to provide high-quality, best interest advocacy for the kids we serve. Another key piece of the puzzle is being informed and fighting for legislative policies that support and promote better outcomes for kids in care.


On Friday, July 15th 2022, CASA of Central Texas staff joined the Guadalupe County Children’s Advocacy Center (GCCAC) for their Annual “Knock Out Child Abuse” Bowlathon. We work hard to build, foster, and maintain productive partnerships with other community organizations in order to better advocate for the children we serve. This includes the Children’s Advocacy Centers that service each of our four counties.

What does a Children’s Advocacy Center Do?

Children’s Advocacy Centers (CAC) provide many different services to child victims of abuse and their families. CACs bring together the team, often including law enforcement, child protective services, medical, mental health, and legal professionals, that is working a child’s case.

Another service provided by CACs is forensic interviews. A forensic interview is conducted when a child makes an outcry of physical or sexual abuse.

What does this have to do with CASA?

CASA Casework Supervisors attend monthly Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) meetings for each of the counties we serve in order to contribute crucial knowledge we may have to the team working a specific child’s case. Often times, thanks to the hard work of our advocates and supervisors, we are able to provide important information that helps the other professionals better provide their services. In turn, we often gain important information that help us better advocate for the children on our cases.

In addition to MDT meetings, our advocates often transport and/or accompany the child or children on their case to the CAC for their forensic interview. Forensic interviews are most often conducted by a person the child has never met, so having a familiar face at the center can be a real comfort to a child. Just being there to support them on what, for many kids is a difficult day, makes a huge difference. The most important thing an advocate can do is to be there!

Learn more about CACs here.

“Soledad King is the advocate any child or youth would love to have. She is thorough and timely in her monthly contacts and completes each task with compassion for the children and their situation. She is a joy to work with.” – Jill Rodriguez, Casework Supervisor
“I’ve had the blessing of being able to raise my two sons with the support of my husband, family and friends. By having people to help and guide our journey, I know how important it is for families to have support from a community. After years of volunteering with PTA and other organizations while my sons were in school, I began my training with CASA in Los Angeles when my youngest son started college. I graduated from the CASA program in 2019 and started my first case the same day. Following a sudden and unexpected move to Austin, I was recertified with CASA of Central Texas in May 2021. It has been a rewarding experience to see the children in my current case grow and enjoy being in a safe and healthy environment.” – Soledad King



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Thank you Dripping Springs Community Foundation for your generous donation! This foundation serves as a resource for donors and for local non-profit organizations by encouraging and facilitating philanthropic gifts and by delivering grants, training support, and visibility to organizations that provide support to the residents of the greater Dripping Springs area. Thanks to this foundation, we are able to continue to serve children and recruit volunteers in the Dripping Springs area.​​


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“We like to support children because it gives them a head start in this crazy world, gives them a chance, gives them a boost up. We think (CASA) is a great organization and it fits our value system of serving the community and serving people.” ~Rodney Fischer


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Hochheim Prairie Insurance is a long-time supporter of CASA of Central Texas. Carol Grimm (center) served as a CASA volunteer for more than a decade and continues to support the program by advocating for funding within her organizations. Thank you Carol and Hochheim Prairie Insurance!