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Wing_Society_VC     Welcome to The Wing Society, Helping CASA Soar. The Wing Society mission is to support, enhance, and sustain CASA of Central Texas. Membership is open to both CASA advocates and non-advocates.

     Formed in 2008, The Wing Society is growing and providing positive support to help sustain and revitalize the commitment of CASA’s volunteers, as well as to help CASA’s efforts in recruitment and community support.

     The Wing Society assists with social activities that bring volunteers together to share experiences in a fun, relaxing atmosphere. They also provide refreshments for new advocates at the swearing-in ceremonies which take place after completion of advocate training.

     When CASA needs assistance, this group is always there to pitch in and is prepared to do whatever is needed – whether it’s community outreach, fundraisers, or the annual toy drive for our children. Together, the CASA community will continue to make a difference in the lives of children in the care and custody of the State.

     If you are interested in joining The Wing Society or for more information, please complete the following information. You can also fill out an application to become a Wing Society Member here.